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My 16 year old is looking to start working to make his own money. Any advice on what places hire minors?

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It's seasonal work, but my son makes money refereeing soccer games on the weekends, from September through November and March or April through June.  He had to take a 9-hour class which cost $55 I think, and then buy a ref uniform.  However, some local clubs might reimburse those costs if you affiliate with their club.  Look at the East Bay United page (under  resources/referees) and at the CNRA web site for list of upcoming classes: .

My son started doing this when he was 15, but I know of even younger referees.

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My daughter works at RiteAid and started when she was 17 y/o. She said that they do hire 16 y/os. They seem to always be hiring people with a lot of turnover, so I would try these larger retail stores. 

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There are some opportunities for 16 yo teens mentioned here on the Berkeley High career opportunity page:

Also has some good info about volunteer opportunities and career development.