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We have a young adult living at home who graduated college three years ago with a degree in economics.  She worked for one year as a temp in an office. Shortly thereafter the pandemic arrived and she has not worked since. Her social skills are good, but she does have a problem with procrastination.  Fortunately she is starting to realize that her resume doesn’t look good with a big gap.  Recently she confessed to having trouble pushing the send button for job applications.  To fill the employment gap, she would like to work as a volunteer doing data analysis.  Does anybody have any ideas regarding where she could apply for a volunteer or entry level position?  In addition, we are looking for recommendations for a life coach or therapist who could help shift her thinking about her job search.  Any advice in getting her out of this rut would be appreciated.

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If your daughter is interested in skills-based volunteering, she should check out Catchafire:

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I totally understand the situation :(

I volunteer at I think we could help her and give her some opportunities to volunteer if she is interested. Do contact me if you feel that this is of interest!

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This girl needs deadlines.   You need to create deadlines for her.  She needs structure, and to have expectations, and consequences if those deadlines aren't met.  She should have a job and know that she needs to pay certain bills in order to keep living with you.  Adult kids need to know it's not ok to live with their parents without contributing to the expenses of the household.  After 18, you either work or go to school, or a combo of both, if you're living at home.  Period.  Step 1: Get a job.