Japanese lessons for a 4 year old

Hi, We are interested in having our 4 year old learn Japanese. We live in Rockridge (Oakland) and are ok with any in person or zoom classes or informal lessons. Thank you! 

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My 11-year-old daughter has been taking an online Japanese as a second language class from Kurumi Nihongo, which is located in Pleasant Hill. She LOVES it, her teachers have been excellent, and I (zero Japanese language facility) can tell she's improving. We started her there with the idea that eventually she would go in person (once the pandemic eases and as she improves), but the weekly Zoom sessions have been wonderful so far. I think their JSL classes are for 5-year-olds and up, but you should email them to check in: https://kurumi-japanese.com/.
And there's another, closer option. Our Japanese friend recommends this school: https://medakanogakkoo.wixsite.com/home/english. It's in Berkeley and appears to offer an after-school session on Mondays only, but it might be great for littler kids because of its focus on culture as well as language. Good luck!