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Hello! My family is considering relocating to Jack London Square from Rockridge. Our daughter is 11 months old, and we’re trying to get a feel for how it would be to live there with a baby/toddler. I read an old BPN thread on this from 2014, but would love to hear what parents think now. I’m particularly interested in parks (and other kid-friendly outside spaces) and libraries in walking distance and whether there are any neighborhood listservs that folks recommend joining.

 Thanks so much!

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I have a friend who lived very near there for a year and a half. She said it was fun at first but was eventually bothered by the large amount of dust and dirt from the 880 freeway. She said it was very hard to keep her condo clean and she started to develop breathing problems from the air quality. As a result she sold her condo and moved to a different part of Oakland away from a freeway.