Is it common for nannies to increase their rate mid-agreement?

Hello!  We have an amazing nanny whom we adore and our baby adores.  We have been working with her for 6 months in Oakland in a share with another family.  Our nanny just informed us that she plans to increase our rate from $13 per family to $15 per family when she returns from her vacation (paid time off) in a week.  We signed a year agreement at the $13 per rate and we have done everything we agreed to in the agreement.  I pointed this out to her, and she said it's not uncommon to increase the rate after 3-6 months.  We're new parents and thus new to this whole world, but we are scratching our heads on this one.  We know these agreements aren't legally binding, yet it seems like this is a significant deviation from our good-faith agreement.  We'd be completely fine with the rate increase if we renewed our agreement after our one year concludes.  Is $13 way under for an Oakland nanny-share?  Any advice on how to handle this one?  Thank you!

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