ISO: Train Enthusiasts Group for 7 year old

Hey. My son (age 7) loves model trains (HO scale, but open to many types). I'm aware of the Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society and do take him to their open houses, but I'm looking for an afterschool group or program that includes train play with children around his age. 

If there isn't one, please let me know of your interest. Perhaps the Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society will consider hosting something for kids if we present them with an enthusiastic group and (possibly) offer to make a donation to them. 

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My son just dove into interest after the open house by the Crockett model train enthusiasts. He's 8. I would love for him to connect with other kids on this.

me again.. also check out Tilden park. they have that little ride on train next to the big ride on train. forget what it's called. it's part of a club.

Definitley take your son to ride on the train at Tilden Park and talk with the engineer and view the smaller scale train there too.  There was a train museum in Point Richmond that I took my kids to only open limted hours on weekends and at Christmas with a whole warehouse of little trains running all over the place!  Maybe closed now due to Covid but check it out.