Therapist for adopted child with ODD, Reactive Attachment disorder & ADHD

We are leaving Kaiser and will be paying for therapy out of pocket.  We live in Martinez, and prefer Walnut Creek, Orinda, etc but are open to the right person near Oakland.

We have an adopted child who has always had issues with bonding, attachment and opposition/definance.  He has recently been diagnosed with ADHD- Inattentive, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder.

We have been told that EMDR therapy might be good for his trauma as a toddler.

We are looking for someone who isn't too soft but who is direct and holds our child accountable for his actions etc (if that makes sense)



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We've used Virginia Keeler-Wolf and know many others that have used her, as well.


I have the same kid—adopted, attachment disorder, ADHD. I can tell you that EMDR was a huge waste of time and money for us. Didn’t help a thing. Ditto for most child therapists. They really just don’t understand these kids. The one therapist I met who does and who helped us a great deal is Virginia Keeler Wolf. Her office was kind of by Montclair so maybe wouldn’t be too hard to get to as it’s just on the other side of the tunnel. 

Best of luck to you. 

We took our adopted daughter to Anna Weisberg this summer for a short course of very specific treatment as part of our overall treatment plan.  We all really liked her. Her offices aren't exactly where you asked but nonetheless seem probably convenient to you.  You might consider her for treatment or to ask for other referrals:

We are on a similar journey, though not as severe as  you describe.  Sending you solidarity!