ISO plumber to help with laundry graywater system

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We live in West Berkeley and are looking for someone (not sure if this would be a plumber, handyperson, landscaper, or other specialty) who can advise/consult and also complete a laundry graywater system for us (i.e., redirecting water from the washer out to the backyard to water plants/return to groundwater).  Please send recommendations for anyone you know who has experience with this type of work, can take on a small-ish project (i.e., this would be worth it for them), can advise on drainage considerations, and is responsive via email.  Thanks in advance. 

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Go to Greywater Action!!! We have had amazing experience with Christina Bertea. Years ago we hosted a workshop and people came and helped us put in our washing machine grey water system, at the same time learning for themselves how to do it. Years later Christina came back and put in another system from our bathtub. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Our garden is lush because of it and we feel good knowing we are doing a little more for the earth. Definitely do it asap!