Hi, I’m looking for a personal trainer to work in person in my backyard (with masks on) with my teenage son for several sessions. He is showing an interest in working out with weights and I want to make sure he is using the weights correctly and with proper form. Also to develop a good overall workout program with the weights we have. Maybe someone not as established in this field would be willing to meet in person? Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!


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Although I am not certified as a trainer, I am knowledgeable and have been exercising for many years. Here is what I recommend to your son (or anyone who is interested) a few weeks before he starts with weights: On three non-consecutive days per week, run/jog 20-30 minutes, followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger's No Gym Workout, The article has a link to photos of how to properly do each exercise. This will condition his muscles in advance of weights and help prevent injuries. If you don't find a trainer, I recommend learning new exercises and routines from books rather than websites and videos, as websites and videos are often full of annoying ads and may have unverified/unsafe information.


Hi there,

I’d like to recommend my personal trainer. I’ve been working with him for over three years. He is very knowledgeable and would be a great help to your son. I recently introduced him to my friend’s 18 year old nephew and they have been training together for a little over a month (safely with masks).

His name is Bryce Roos and you can reach him at 310-359-5550 or Brycetraining [at]