ISO Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist

Hi BPN, 

We have 20 month old twins in need of local therapies. We need an occupational therapist and a speech therapist. If you have any recommendations, we'd really appreciate it. 

Specifically for sensory processing disorder and speech/cognitive delay.

Also, if you have any personal stories of having kids with these needs, I'd love to talk! Feel free to reach out directly. 


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Hi Shannon,

I have been looking for an OT for my son (3yo, he also has spd) and my research led me to Child's Play in Lafayette. They seem very knowledgeable re: spd, super nice people and they are reasonably priced. I hope this helps! 

Check with your local school district to see what speech services may be available and at what age.  I think my grandsons were evaluated when they were 3 years old and received services then and these continued when they entered public school.

Has anyone mentioned the Regional Center of the East Bay? If your twins qualify, you can get free in-home services funded by the State of California. I believe the program is called Early Start. Here is the Regional Center's website: