ISO high school with therapeutic support AND strong academics

Anyone know of a high school that could support a teen with significant anxiety/depression who has the potential to attend university? It seems like many schools that provide significant therapeutic support don't fufill the UC A-G requirements. Thanks.

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Holden High School in Orinda.  My kid sounds just like yours.  Holden is a private, college prep school that provides a calm, nurturing therapeutic environment and individual support and works closely with students (and parents) to ensure that they fulfill UC A-G requirements, if that is their goal.  Reasonable tuition as private schools go, and some financial aid available. 

The Phillips Academy in Alameda is a "Non-Public School" for kids with emotional disabilities.  If your child's IEP allows a NPS placement, you may want to consider this school.  Usually the school district authorizes transportation to and from home as well, if you push for it.  I believe they are very academic with tailored curriculum, compared to other local NPSs.

Also Tilden Prep in Albany or Walnut Creek, but many parents have to pay out-of-pocket for it.

You didn't mention in what location you are looking.  If you are flexible enough to go to the peninsula, Lydian Academy and Fusion Academy are good options with 1:1 tutoring models.  It's an expensive route, but literally a life-saving route for my teen.