ISO hardwood floor refinishing

We have oak floors in need of refinishing. The last time we used an epoxy finish, which held up in most areas of the floor pretty well. We had this type of floor "refurbished" once, that is, partly sanded (not to the wood) and recoated, which may be adequate.

I've had bad luck with water-borne polyurethane, and appreciate finishes that can be recoated.

Any suggestions on floor-refinishing companies, and on durable finishes?


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Earlier this year I hired The Floor Show company to sand, seal and finish the oak floors in a three bedroom house. The floors had quite a bit of wear and staining so some of the pieces needed to replaced as no work had been done for about 40 years. Mike, the owner, and his crew did a very fine job in every respect. They started and finished when promised and the floors looked almost brand new. The phone number is: 510-845-4633 in Berkeley. Water-borne polyurethane does not wear as well as the oil based kind so I had Mike use an oil based one to seal the bare wood then apply 3 coats of the finish using the Bona brand of polyurethane. Whether or not you decide to use Mike for the job it is well worth talking to him about your situation as he has been in business locally for several decades and is very knowledgeable about hardwood floors here.