ISO East Bay therapist with "east coast vibe"

This may seem overly specific (and also like a sweeping generalization) but I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for a therapist who is originally from, or has lived on, the east coast. I'm originally from New England and am interested in speaking to someone who really "gets" the cultural differences between the east coast and the bay area.

Other qualities I'm looking for include: a warm & direct style, feminist perspective, strengths-based approach. Seasoned. Berkeley/Oakland/Albany. Evening/weekend hours available.

Thanks in advance!

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I highly recommend Dr. Melissa Holub. I actually have never asked her where she's from, but she's warm and direct. After many years of therapy (including court-ordered when I was a child because of my parents' acrimonious divorce), she has been my therapist for 8+ years, longer than any one I've worked with in the past. 

Hello! I found a great therapist through Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health when I was looking for someone to help me do some grief work and transition into having my first child. They work with a bunch of therapists that they will set you up with interviews with prior to committing to someone.