ISO: daycare/pre-k for our 3 yo

Hello BPN parents,

My husband, myself and our 3 yo daughter are relocating from Brooklyn to Berkeley in August and are in search of a daycare/pre K for our 3 yo daughter Ella. We toured Duck’s Nest and fell in love with it, unfortunately we were put on a waitlist. If any of you know of a school that is comparable to Duck’s Nest, please let me know. Any info much appreciated!


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Hi Ania,

My daughter attends Rockridge Little School on College Ave. They Have two locations. Our family couldn't be more thrilled with the staff and school as a whole. My daughter is thriving and when asked what she likes to do at school, her answer is always, "everything!" Which I know is true because she tells me everything that goes on their daily blog. You should contact Cindy (director) cindy [at] I know she is in charge of enrollment at both locations. I hear the other location is wonderful too!

If you are in North Berkeley, check out The Good Earth School in the Kensington Hills.  It's on a 9-acre property so the kids take daily hikes and spend most of the time outside playing. My kids (2 and 4) love it there and it's comparable to Duck's Nest. Plus, a healthy vegetarian lunch is included. As of late last week there were a couple spots left. 

EBI in Rockridge. A Spanish immersion preschool is play based and full of warm and loving teachers. My kids love it and it is Pre-k through 8th grade so once you are admitted you can stay through middle school. They have a few open spots for fall.

I agree with previous response - try EBI in Rockridge.  Our daughters started in preschool there and are now in 1st and 2nd grades.  We love the teachers and the curriculum!  Good luck with the move!