6y old's anxiety is affecting schoolwork


My 6y first grader has always been very anxious, but he has now reached a point that it is affecting his daily life and especially his school. He is so afraid of making mistakes,that he rather just does nothing in class.  His teacher and me are at wits end. Any advice or recommendations on a (cognitive behavioral) psychologist that accept Medi-Cal are greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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I'm curious if he has been referred/assessed for an IEP through the school. That would be an important step and could potentially offer some support through Educationally Related Mental Health Services. 

You might explore a 504 or IEP. Mental Health is an issue that can be part of a school district assessment.  Some info: https://dredf.org/ See emotional disturbance on this list: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/ca/disablecodes.asp.

Suggest seeing a psychiatrist first who specializes in OCD and anxiety disorders. Fear of making mistakes can be a sign of OCD. Has your son articulated if he thinks something “bad” might happen to him or someone he cares about if he makes a mistake?