ISO Car Buying Advice and Car Broker Recommendation

I want to buy a new car but don't know how. I'm thinking a car broker would be the best way to go. Does anyone have advice or recommendations for how to buy a car and/or brokers they trust? Thanks! 

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Before the pandemic I would have given you one answer. But, it's all changed now, mostly because new cars are in such high demand. Read the following for an explanation of what I mean:

I'm hearing rumors that things are starting to get better, especially for cars that aren't in high demand. But, anything super desirable like an electric car is still in high demand and you won't be able to negotiate for them.

Good luck.

Many dealerships have months long waiting lists for popular models. Figure out which model you want, then call up the dealership and ask how the wait list works. Many require a refundable deposit. It might be many months, or even a year or more, until you're at the front of the line. Some models at some dealers aren't even adding to the wait-list at this point since it's multi-year long already. Being more flexible about trim level, options, ad/or color can decrease the overall wait.

Good luck!

I've used Tom's services a few times and he is amazing.  He got us our last car for 2k below dealer invoice.  He handled all the negotiations for us so we just had to show up and sign papers.

In case you’re a Costco member, they have an auto program that my family has used in the past to buy their cars. Given the current market conditions, not sure if Costco can get you a much lower price but at least it connects you with dealerships that have the car you want and streamlines the process. Hope this helps!

Hi, I just bought my first car in 10+ years using a broker who was recommended by a friend.  I was very happy with his service.  I had initially called around to dealerships to try to find the car I wanted and a) couldn't find an available car and b) was told they would be adding a 5-10K "dealer fee" over MSRP.  My broker was able to order me the exact car I wanted and while it took forever to receive it due to delays in manufacturing/shipping, I was very happy that I got the car I wanted for MSRP plus ~$1,200 to the dealer.  The car was delivered by truck to my home!  Here is his contact info if you are interested:  Patrick Schallart, patrick [at]  The only problem I had in working with him is that he seems very busy, so you kind of have to follow up with him sometimes to make sure he's on it.  But other than that, I had a great experience!