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So Much (probably too much!) Background: I am a new Caregiver/Guardian (I haven't settled on a term I identify with yet) of a brilliant 14-year-old. We have been living together for just over a year (and what a year it's been!) and learning from one another for just over 3 years. She begins high school next year. She is not completely pumped on school but with some support, she does it (most the time). She is Yaqui and Tohono O'odham. I am white. 

Since March of 2020, she has been learning from home, over zoom. As a healthcare worker, I have not been working from home and have not been available to do as much school support as I would have liked. However, now, as I am transitioning from working COVID to Labor and Delivery, I have had time to spend with her at home and to more actively support her learning. This means I have had the chance to overhear the social studies/history education she is receiving. The short version- it is not an education that will serve her.

We are looking for a BIPOC history tutor to teach via zoom or another platform. I can imagine a number of different forms for how this would work and we are flexible to the tutors schedule/availability. One idea would be weekly, 30 min zoom sessions/discussions based on materials that she can read, watch or listen to independently or that we can read/listen to/watch as a family.

Please feel free to share any recommendations for tutors who might be interested! Also interested in any recommended materials, tips, groups, camps, that help teens equip themselves with the tools they need to navigate high school and the world. 

Thanks so much for your advice !!!



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Have you reached out to the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland?  Maybe they could direct you. Also she could check out the Native Youth Leadership Alliance.  I hope you both have people in your lives who can support you.

Check out:

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center (in Santa Rosa but has a lot of stuff online) - they do a lot of great stuff with youth

and also - she will learn a lot from following them and perhaps they have virtual volunteer opportunities for teens