ISO Bathroom Designer for remodel project

I can use some help with a bathroom remodel.  Specifically, I am looking for someone who has experience in bathroom design... a design professional who will come see our space, take the necessary measurements, work with us to create a design, point us in the right direction on where to purchase materials and most importantly provide a drawing of the new design that we can provide our contractor.

I am NOT looking to spend a lot of money (ideally less than 2K for the designer)... so I wouldn't need them to manage our project or go out and pick the materials for us.

*** This will be our first remodel project, so if you have any advice, feedback or insights based on personal bathroom remodeling experience... feel free to share.

Thanks, oyveyenough [at]

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The designer I used for my kitchen also designs bathrooms. She and her team are amazing! Her name is Lisa Cannelora, she's at Cucina di Cannelora in Alameda. You can reach her at Lisa [at]  She comes out to the house, measures, asks a lot of questions, and every project of hers that I've seen has been fabulous.

Hi there,

We used Toshie Lim and I really loved working with her. She came and took measurements of the space (we converted a closet into a bathroom) and drew up a design sketch. This initial visit cost $200 (in October 2017). If you want to continue working with her, she has two models: one is a fee-based start to end design consultancy where she helps pick out materials and works with your contractor. I think it depends on the size of the project, but for ours she quoted me some where in the $2,000+ range. The other is an hourly rate if you just want her to help with certain aspects of the process. At the time it was $100/hour which includes her time doing research and meeting with you. This is what I ended up doing and was very pleased with her suggestions. She helped me find the perfect tiles for our bathroom floor that were reasonable. She has lots of good ideas. Here is her company on Yelp which includes her contact info: I'm happy to answer more questions or send pictures if you like! Good luck and have fun!

I highly discourage using Custom Spaces (Solano). We worked with Catherine on a recent kitchen remodel and it was a very stressful experience. Needlessly long and over budget. I look forward to seeing other responses!