ISO academically challenging schools

My kids are above grade level and desire more academic challenge..I'm looking for any independent middle and high schools that are not afraid of pushing kids to excel (of course without sacrificing social emotional intelligence. But I am looking for schools that don't sacrifice academics* in the name of social emotional development). Thank you!

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The Academy in Berkeley (up to 8th grade), College Prep (high school) and Head-Royce (K - 12) are the ones that come to my mind as academically rigorous. Bentley (K-12) is another one that is rigorous and well balanced. We also have an academically advanced child (2 grade ahead in reading and 2 - 3 grades ahead in math) who is currently at a private elementary school that is focused more on social emotional development. We are a bit frustrated at our lovely private elementary school ignoring our academic concerns but we love the school otherwise and child is happy, so we supplement with a tutor and we are considering The Academy, Head-Royce and Bentley for middle school. For high school, we may consider College Prep or stay with Head-Royce/Bentley, if we get in. Our child is also creative and has several interests in performing arts, so they may check out OSA. 

We've been happy with the academic differentiation at Prospect Sierra for our gifted middle schooler.