ISO 1:1 school aide for kindergarter

Hello, I'm not sure exactly where to post this on BPN but here goes.

We are looking for a school aide to accompany our son during school at our son's private school in El Cerrito.

We are reaching out to all networks in search of the right person for 30 hours/week. Ideally they have experience in Occupational Therapy, behavioral management, as a school aide, or  working with kids with behavioral struggles. The school does not require specific licensure or accreditations, and the aide will be working directly for us, with guidance from the school. 

Please let me know if you know someone like this to recommend, or where to look for them.   Thank you BPNers!

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Kendra Frautnick is a wonderful school aide for children with exactly the issues you describe. She has been supporting our child for 7 years now, from preschool until 4th grade and we credit her with helping our child to thrive in all of his schools, including his current private elementary school. She is quite busy and in-demand and I think can only do part-time schedules, but give her a try: 

kendratwelve [at]