Investing Volunteers for Senior Women

Hello, I wonder if there is some volunteer organization or individual that helps seniors--senior women?--with investing. I am aware of a range of ways to get volunteer help with doing taxes, for example--and I keep wondering if there is an equivalent for investing. I'm familiar with scores of books, YouTube videos, investing groups, and social media sites that offer "advice." I'm not looking for those. I'm looking for someone who will talk to me about my own account and help me do what's needed to get it on the right path. Perhaps someone(s) retired from the field? 
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"Ageing Solo"

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I recommend my person Nini Yang. She is very thorough and helped me tremendously in getting on the proverbial right (financial) path. (408) 464-7563 nini.s.yang [at]

While she’s not retired from the field she is a wealth of knowledge and knows her stuff.