Intradistrict Transfers to Kensington Hilltop Elementary School

Hello,  I am wondering if anyone has experience or advice on how difficult/ improbable it is that we will get a spot at Kensington Hilltop Elementary for kindergarten in the fall if we submit an intradistrict transfer request?  And also approximately when we would get notification from the school district about whether we were granted the transfer request?  We live right outside of the Kensington school zone in El Cerrito, but our daughter has been attending Kensington Nursery School  for preschool and we would love to continue with their walk-down program for after school care which is only for Hilltop students.  Thanks so much!!

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Hilltop was already 3 spots overbooked, several days before registration officially ended, so with no other information than that, I would guess it would be challenging.

I have a current kindergartener and we live 2 blocks from the Kensington district border. I tried last year to get an interdistrict transfer. I was a little slow to register, so there were 30 families in front of me and we didn't think we'd get in at all. When I called the district in late September (to see if we the waitlist had moved at all) they said both Kensington and Madera and accepted zero families from the intradistrict list. So, you still should try, but have a plan B for aftercare, as it's unlikely that you will get in.