interior designer w/experience working in homes with young kids

We've got two kids under 3 y/o and are looking for an interior designer to help us spruce up + maximize use of our space while understanding that it needs to be functional as well as pretty. Most of the recommendations I've seen on here so far link to work that seems meant for photo shoots rather than real homes -- beautiful but probably not for us. Would really appreciate any leads!

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I hired Elisa Lewis about 3 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. I totally recommend you connect with her. I have 3 young children 2 of which stay home with me. Elisa worked on my kitchen and came up with some creative solutions due to my lack of storage space as well as fresh color concepts. My kitchen is now my favorite room in the house and has a great balance between fresh, beautiful and functional. AND She was an absolute delight to work with. You can contact her at 646-789-9507

I highly recommend Kyoko Yamada Jackson with Yumi Interiors. She has been helping us do exactly what you’re looking for in our house with two kids under 5. We’ve been thrilled with her ideas and her practical yet stylish sensibility.