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I’m looking for some more recent recommendations for an interior designer who can help me redo a few rooms at my house. Some of the recommendations on BPN are for companies that do renovation remodels, but I’m looking for someone to refresh my living room, etc. Thanks in advance for your referrals!

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Hi- we worked with Vaughan, owner/designer at Woodson and Woodson. She’s a lovely person and great designer! She helped us figure out our quirky space and it works so much better for us now, plus it’s beautiful.

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I highly recommend Lauren Hosmer of Lauren has a great eye, works really efficiently, passes on her designer discount on items ordered and is lovely to work with on refreshing space. She recently helped me update a bedroom and years ago designed the furnishings for our backyard. Super reasonable pricing and so worth it!

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We loved working with Kyoko Jackson at Yumi Interiors! 

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We had a great experience working with Emily Flaxman of Flax Interiors. She’s based in Berkeley and quite talented!

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I have a great recommendation . I had work with Sandra Schmit . She is not a formal interior designer but someone who had help me and clients ( I’m a Realtor) improve our homes.

I like her because she has great ideas, knows where to shop for items, expensive and not, new or second hand ones and most important, sometimes she finds “treasures” in your own home that can be move around and creates a whole new vibe….

Sandra is also great with colors and her fees are much less than a typical Interior designer.

Sandra Schmit (510) 410-8008