inter-district transfer into Albany Unified School District

I recently saw a flier posted by AUSD saying they are currently accepting applications for inter-district transfers for the 2020-2021 school year.  Can someone provide any information about 1. how often these opportunities present themselves, 2. what grade levels they generally accept transfers for and 3. what the process entails?

I reached out to the person listed on the flier and they said the first step is to be released from our district, WCCUSD and she said they would not be able to answer any of my questions above nor could they help me until we were released.

I have two children both entering the school system via TK in the next two years and want them to be at the same school. I also don't want to go through the process of getting released and give up our TK spot to discover there are no transfer spots for kids in the lower grade levels.  

Can anyone with first hand experience or knowledge about the process please advise. Thank you!

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Would love to hear what you learn as we're in the same boat considering this.   Hard to get any info this week as the district offices are not answering the phones and offices are closed for visits. 

I suggest you get in contact with the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services or the Director of Student Services/Special Education at 510 558 3750 or send an email.  You can go the department pages on the District webpage. and there are direct links to send an email.  

Best of Luck