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Hello BPN --

I'm seeking a recommendation for an integrative psychiatrist and/or a naturopath well versed in Western pscyh meds and women's health.  Ideally someone who understand limits of traditional SSRIs and works with people to address mood issues with other tools than pharmaceuticals.

I recently read Kelly Brogan's book . "A Mind of Your Own" and am looking for someone who can work me with follow a similar model of holistic psychiatry.

I have Kaiser currently but am willing to pay for counsel and follow up outside the Kaiser system.

Appreciate ANY and ALL leads or suggestions :)

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Im looking forward to seeing any recommendations and responses, thank you for the post.  I had been following Kelly Brogan and  loved that the conversation was changing and some of the ideas she presented.  Not sure if hormones are contributing but I have recently had a little bit of success in peri-menopausal symptoms that were really amplifying my moods 1,500 mg Tumeric, Black Cohosh twice daily and Cherry Plum Bach remedy as needed.  Hydration and daily movement are also proving to be essential.  Accupuncture worked really well when I could afford it, I was going once a week. I have also done ancestral healing with family constellation work and archetypal work which I found both interesting and helpful. Vagus nerve reset exercise you can find on you tube as well as Jin Shin Jitsu Main Central Flow.  I have had zero luck with my regular MD, OBGYN and the meds route has never really worked with me, the side effects have always outweigh any benefits for me but have friends who have done great with them.  Best to you in your search, take care and be well.   

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I recommend looking at the well priced programs of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute. They have one  "positive psychology" program specifically to help people improve their mood as well 2 other programs more focused on nutrition. I tried their jumpstart program (to a low fat, whole food plant based diet) and was so impressed.  This is not a glitzy marketing operation at all, they are not selling anything nor trying to promote themselves, just trying to help people live happier, healthier lives using scientific, evidence-based principles. And in this zoom era, no need to be geographically close by!

good luck!