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Hi, we looked at previous mentions on the site but didn’t find recent ones. We’re looking for an experienced, efficient personal injury attorney. This is a pedestrian not an auto accident.  Berkeley preferred. Any recommendations, or, conversely, names you’d avoid?  Thanks. 

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I've had a positive outcome with Tom Purtell, He's based out of San Francisco. He doesn't have a large internet profile but don't let that distract you. He successfully defended me against my own insurance company in a hit and run case, where I was the victim. He also then successfully negotiated with the health insurance who wanted their medical bills paid out of the settlement. In his earlier career he was an in-house lawyer for insurance companies which taught him how they operate inside and out. This knowledge gives him an edge. He ran my case like a game of chess, with strategic calculus.

I met with Ben many times - I strongly believe he will take good care of you

Thankfully I didn't use his services 

You are welcome to let him know that I gave you his num


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