Infant swimming options in the East Bay


Can anyone recommend some good places for taking my infant for swim lessons? 


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Aquatech in Alameda

Aquatech in Alameda. Kristin is the best teacher!

Hi. Infants don't actually need swimming "lessons." They just need to bounce around in the water while you hold them. Check your local public pools for "family swim" times.

Tim Oliver Swimming (in the Oakland hills) has a no-commitment Parent-Child (i.e., infant/toddler) Sat. morning drop-in class. We're in their Level 1 classes now and so far would recommend them highly. They also have a helpful teaching manual for babies you can download. (The teaching manual is for you, not the baby ;) 

My wife and I took our daughter to East Oakland Sports Center. I know the 'East Oakland' part doesn't paint a good picture but it's a new/modern building that is in really good condition and the parent/child swim classes are reasonably priced. The drop-in rate is around $8 for an Oakland resident and $10 for a non-resident. You can save some money by buying the month passes as well. I think it's $25/month for the saturday only classes.