Infant craniosacral/chiropractic/osteopathic therapy

Hello! My 3.5 month old baby has terrible reflux/GERD and also breaths through her mouth when sleeping. She had a tongue tie release done about 6 weeks ago and that’s helped with nursing but not with the other issues unfortunately. Lactation recommended massage/manual therapies by a chiropractor, osteopath, or craniosacral therapist. My questions are:

-Any specific practitioner recommendations?

-if you’ve been through this, did these treatments help your little one? They’re quite pricey so a bit unsure about pursuing.

-anything else that helped your baby with reflux/GERD or mouth breathing that I should consider? She’s already taking antacids and pediatrician wants to try a more potent med but we’re hesitant to go that route.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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These methods you describe are all pseudoscience and lack data to support their use. I would recommend you discuss with your pediatrician, who will almost certainly recommend against such methods. 

Rachael Bouch on Solano, She is amazing, we've worked with her ongoing for years, since our son's release procedure and beyond.

Vanessa from 902 Santa Fe is absolutely amazing. I’ve been taking my 3 month old there for a month for latch and birth trauma issues and she’s a new baby after everytime

Hello- I HIGHLY recommend Andrea Byers:

She is absolutely phenomenal and worked with both of my babies after their tongue tie releases. I can't recommend her enough. Feel free to message me directly if you have other questions. Seeing her is very helpful and she's a magical baby whisperer!

I saw Andrea Byers ( when my 4 week old was having what appeared to be very painful gas episodes. She is so calm and reassuring. She listens to your concerns and helps you troubleshoot. I plan to take my toddler back for some support with constipation.