Infant Community at PRINTS

Hello all,

As there hasn't been activity on this page for a bit, I'm wondering if you can share any recent experiences with PRINTS. We are most likely enrolling our child in the Infant Community this year, and would value any advice/impressions of the school before we continue the enrollment process.


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My little one is currently attending PRINTS and is in the infant community. I love the school/daycare - it is a very small community and the teachers are caring. Most of the teachers know my little one by name. They do not have an app where they post photos or give you daily updates - instead they write the information in a logbook. I much prefer it that way as I wouldnt want a phone/ipad in my little one's face all the time. Good ratios of teachers to infant and the teachers from the other classes sometimes help out and support the infant classes. They provide organic food and use cloth diapers in school. I think the best thing is that my little one enjoys going to school - smiles at the teachers, flaps like a happy bird when we are at school. Feel free to DM if you want to chat more.