Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo recommendations


Looking for recommendations for car seat and stroller combo's. I've been looking at the Nuna MIXX and PIPA combo but still want to do some more research. I've heard good things about the Chicco KeyFit system as well. 

Any insight or tips would be welcomed!

Parent Replies

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We used the Chicco KeyFit for 12 months and I loved it, it was our only stroller until our daughter outgrew it. The carseat is super safe (consumer reports) and can be used with or without a car base, the caddy/stroller base is light and easy to fold and the price is not bad at all. I wished that I'd bought the Chicco car seat with the mesh portion at the back of the canopy for better air flow on hot summer days, but we were just fine with the basic model. My only complaints are that it takes 2 hands to fold down the carseat handle and the standard Chicco carseat doesn't have a removable cover for washing but I would recommend this combo.

I have the Nuna Mixx and Pipa combo and love it! It is a great system and very chic. Only thing worth noting is the size. It pretty much takes up the whole of any normal sized trunk. If you want a slightly smaller Nuna system that is also a bit lighter (but not much) you might want to consider the Nuna Pepp.. That being said I think the smooth ride from the Mixx, and excellent shade/reclining options more than make up for the slightly larger size.