Indoor swimming pool for toddlers in SF

Hello parents,

I have a 3-year old kid and I want to take her to an indoor swimming pool in San Francisco, South SF or Daly City, ideally a warm pool... I notice some swimming pools have a height requirement even for beginner level?? The beaches around here are cold so that's why I try to find an indoor swimming pool that's tots friendly and hope she will enjoy it. If you have any suggestions/advices, etc please let me know. Thanks!

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Aquatech! There’s one in alameda

Not sure, but please keep in mind that this site is focused on the East Bay. I've heard good things about the online site Golden gate Mother's group for SF discussion. Good luck!

Pomeroy pool (near the SF Zoo) is super warm and most ideal for tots

YMCA has opened their pools at locations around the SF and SSF. You have to join as a member.

Also, SF Recs and Parks opened their pools but their water isn't super warm and times are harder to book. 

Years ago when we lived in SF and my kids were little, I took them to the wonderful warm clean pool at Recreation Center for the Handicapped, out near the Zoo.  In those days they offered mother-baby swim classes and pre-K classes and lessons. I have no idea if they still do, but check it out. There is a broad very gradual ramp into the pool, with lots of shalow areas in the pool.  Even then (long before pandemic), hygiene was a top priority to ensure the safety of disabled swimmers.  It whad a lovely supportive ambiance, and we found added value in being able to spend time around people of varying abailities and challenges, who often loved seeing the little ones.

We enjoyed taking our son here when he was a baby, not sure what their current policies are though so good luck and have fun!:…