Therapist for Inattentive ADHD in girls

Looking for recommendations for therapists with experience supporting girls with inattentive ADHD. Someone in Oakland would be ideal and if you know of anyone within Kaiser, that would be phenomenal. Or if you have any tips on getting Kaiser to pay for out-of-network support, please share. Thanks so much in advance!

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Dr. Ellena Chen is based in Lafayette (downtown) and is in private practice, so not ideal for you. However, she is super experienced with girls w/this profile. My kid (12, inattentive ADHD, anxiety, gifted) has been working with her for a year now. Ellena is smart, intense, engaged, and super helpful w/ parent consults as well. She is sometimes able to provide a little bit of sliding scale, but her prices are otherwise typical for Bay Area psychologists. She shared with me that some of her clients have been successful getting partial coverage from Kaiser (we haven't tried yet but plan to). She said to start with your pediatrician. It seems like this is especially true in more acute cases, and possibly ones where the kiddo is 2e and you can prove you need her specialization in that population, which is our hope. However, they are probably more likely to outsource and pay for difficult/acute cases than simpler/less critical ones. And they might be more likely if there's already an established therapeutic relationship (?)

I can't say for sure, and maybe it depends on your advocacy, but my understanding in interactions with them is that Kaiser will not provide therapy for ADHD (which is ridiculous, of course, since it has global impacts on one's life and is not some sort of "school problem"!). However, if you have another diagnosis such as anxiety, they will--with the caveat that access to regular-enough therapy and finding someone your kid fits with is more dubious/difficult because mental health is famously such a weak suit for Kaiser. Maybe, with strong advocacy and an emphasis on the non-scholastic impacts of ADHD, they will be more responsive than just offering a class and some parent handouts... I hope others who have actually been through it will have more advice for you! Good luck:)