We have purchased Ikea kitchen cabinets and we need them installed.   After looking at the BBB reviews on the company IKEA recommends we are not sure if we can go with them. Has any one used the Ikea company Traumen?  If so, how did your experience go? Or, can someone please help with a recommendation for ikea cabinets installation?


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We used traumen, they were great! They were really careful about cleaning up after and not damaging other parts of our home with bringing in the cabinets and they were pretty quick. They even offered to come back to install a few lights that somehow didn't make it in the original shipment which i thought was nice. I'd recommend!


Hello! We've done two kitchen remodels with IKEA. Kiko Livingston installed both (specialistikea [at] gmail.com). He does an excellent job. I will say that the two remodels were quite different: the first was in 2016, we were not yet living in the home, and the installation cost was exactly as the original quote. The second, in 2022, was more complicated. We were living there, and the actual installation ended up costing about $1,500 more than the original quote, and was slightly more disruptive. I would still recommend his installation as I was impressed at how customized the cabinets look-the installation required lots of cutting and customizing; but just wanted to share. Thanks!