Ikea kitchen Cabinets vs. Cabinets-to-Go kitchen cabinets

Has anyone purchased kitchen cabinets from Ikea? Are you satisfied with them, and are they holding up well? Did you have them installed by the contractor that works for Ikea?

Has anyone purchased kitchen cabinets from Cabinets-To-Go ? Are you satisfied with them and did you have them installed by your own contractor or the contractor that works with this company?

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Just don't get particle board. It falls to pieces in short order. 

We remodeled our kitchen and bathroom 10 years ago with all IKEA cabinets and still could not be happier with the decision.  People tried to talk us out of them, and I probably read a million IKEA kitchen cabinet forum postings, but at the end of the day, it's what we liked that we could also afford with such a major remodel (structural work, floors, the whole enchilada).  They're holding up fine across the board and still look good -- we have cabinets above, and cabinets and drawers below, and they're all good.  The "soft close" cabinet latches occasionally come off, but then we just screw them back on -- that's the only problem, and it's really occasional.  We had our contractor install them  -- we actually had to find a contractor that was willing to deal with IKEA cabinets, as not all are.