OT to help with IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation)

Dear Neuro-divergent Community:

I am that parent going through school IEP Process for the first time. So frustrating!!  My 5 year old boy is autistic and has hypotonia (low muscle tone throughout his body) so we need Occupational Therapy (OT). The school district has denied OT services but has agreed to pay for/fund the IEE-Occupational Therapy assessment. So I am reaching out to you and hoping you could share any recommendations or point me in the right direction.  If you have any experience with or could recommend Occupational Therapists (preferably neurodiversity affirming), who might be able to perform an IEE for OT, I would be so grateful!!

Kindly & Grateful, Pat & Jannie

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What school district is your son in?   Try reaching out to your healthcare provider and get recommendations for psychologists that can perform the IEE.  You can also contact the Bay Area Regional Center for recommendations.  My son has been receiving both OT and Speech Therapy for Autism since he was 5 years old and I  can tell you the progress has been amazing.  Good luck! 

Hi Pat, I highly recommend James Bylund at the 

Bylund clinic, they are located in Walnut Creek. They did my son’ assessment, they came to the final IEP and put together all the accommodations that he needs to have in the classroom beautifully.  I know that this is very stressful, this is my email if you need more info 

memenytato [at] gmail.com 

My main advice would be to contact DREDF and ask to speak to a parent advocate to help you negotiate the process.

I am not sure Outdoor Kids Occupational Therapy  this service, but likely they can recommend someone.

Elisabeth Meikle is an awesome OT my kid works with. I’m not sure if she does an IEE but she would be a good person to reach out to. She also works for outdoor kids, which is an incredible outdoor OT program. I highly recommend you look into outdoor kids OT as a supplement to whatever your district (hopefully) offers during school hours.

Full circle ot is another OT group that has been recommended to me by multiple people I trust. I have not worked directly with them, but they might be worth checking out. 

good luck!