Ideas for teaching my baby to swim

I was a swimming instructor to all ages babies to the elderly during my young adult life. I love swimming and I was very much looking forward to teaching my baby to swim but he was born during the pandemic. I am not sure if this question has been asked before but I am wondering if there is any way I can safely access a public swimming area to teach him? Or what options would be available for classes with certified instructors. I don't own a home/ have access to a my own private pool. 

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You can reserve spots in the berkeley public pools like king pool. Or you can come use my house private pool and teach my baby as well ;) (I’m only half joking here, it could be a good arrangement?)

Maybe you can pair up with the person on this current series of posts looking for someone to come to their private pool in El Cerrito as a swap!

The El Cerrito pool seems like a good option, I was able to book a section of the pool for family swim, you could even book the kiddie pool/wading area as a section.  Good luck.

We have been enjoying swimming lessons at Ohana Aquatics (Oakland, off Redwood Rd on Hwy 13). It was recommended by another family and I can see the progress (2nd grader). I don't if instructors are certified, encourage you to check out our site. The lessons are 30-min, which seemed so short to me, but they really pack a lot in.