IBS...seeking an alternative medicine practitioner or an IBS specialist

IBS is slowly taking over my life and my excellent western practitioner isn’t really very helpful. Would appreciate recommendations that I might consider. Life’s too short to be crippled by IBS. Thanks

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Hi—my adult son suffered from this for a long painful time. We did a lot of research and he settled on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (google it and there is a book). It was a challenge but he did this for a full year—no cheating—and his gut healed. Now he can be more flexible in his eating. Good luck!!


Jamie Miller, L.Ac. has successfully treated my digestive system problems.

She has been very pleasant to work with because she is mellow, an attentive listener, and a skillful communicator. She also willingly shares her vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

Jamie is an amazing acupunturist and all-around healer!

Her contact info.

Cell : (831) 331-5598

Email : Jamiemilleracupuncture [at] gmail.com

Website : https://www.opaldragonacu.com/