I need help setting up a solo legal practice


I'm an attorney who has always worked for someone else. I'm ready to start a solo practice within the next year but I need help getting it set up correctly. Do you have any recommendations for people who could help me with this?

First I'm looking for a great CPA who understands the new tax law and can give me really good advice about the best way to set this up. E.g., do I do an LLC? A PC? I also need advice about how to keep records, do taxes, any other reporting needed, and pay myself.

I'm also looking for legal advice about the best way to protect myself from liability. I think that I'll need assistance with retainer agreements, malpractice insurance, etc. 

I'll need a great website and marketing materials. Any suggestions on who could help with that? I want someone really good for this. Slow websites that don't work well can be a real turn off.

I don't have an unlimited budget to do this but I do have enough to spend the money up front setting it up correctly. I'd prefer to work with people used to working with small businesses, not people working with the budget of Fortune 500 companies.

If I've missed something that I should be thinking about right now, I'd love to get your feedback!

Thanks for your help.

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I can't offer any recommendations for the legal or tax stuff, but I had Sophia Renn rebuild my website (www.pettooth.com). She was wonderful to work with and very responsive to my particular style requests. She really markets herself as a writer, but she does a lot more.