I'm in my early 40s and have had major issues with abnormal vaginal bleeding, plus 4 different surgeries for fibroids and polyps in the last decade.  I also have adenomyosis, which causes severe pain (feels just like I'm in labor again) with each period and has gotten to the point that it really interferes with my job, childcare, etc.  And I'm 100% done having kids.  So I'm tempted to have a hysterectomy (just removing uterus, not ovaries).  But I am definitely perimenopausal, having only 3-4 periods per year at this point, so there's the chance that if I wait it out for however long, my symptoms will likely improve on their own without having another surgery.

I've consulted 2 doctors already, both gave me mixed opinions-- they both agreed to just do the hysterectomy if I want to, but also both were willing to try to manage the bleeding and adenomyosis until I reach natural menopause.  (I've already tried a few different versions of HRT and other treatments, but they haven't done much for my symptoms).  I'm really torn and wanted to see if anyone had any advice or experience to share?  If you had a hysterectomy, was there anything you wished you would have known or considered in advance? 

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Have you explored the possibility of an endometrial ablation with your doctors? I was in my late forties and had also suffered from abnormally heavy bleeding and fibroids. The ablation was a simple outpatient procedure that required very little recovery time, but was a total life changer for me. My periods became very light immediately afterwards and then stopped altogether after a few months. That was over 5 years ago and I have had no problems and no regrets. Your age and specific medical history may determine whether the procedure is a good fit for you. But if you do decide to go ahead, I'd suggest you find a doctor who's very familiar with performing ablations. Dr. Amy Huibonhoa did my procedure and I think she is one of the best gyn's around, but she's also moved from private practice into Kaiser. Good luck!

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I went on continuous cycling birth control.  So I didn't have any periods.  That helped some.  You are asking a really good question.  Good luck with your decision.