Hypnosis for social anxiety disorder/public speaking?

Hi I’m looking for recommendations for hypnotherapists for social anxiety disorder/fear of public speaking. I’m looking for a job and it affects me during interviews. I’ve tried CBT and toastmasters. I looked in the BPN archive but the recs are 10+ years old. Feeling desperate, thanks in advance.

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ITU, I too have had the same experience in my professional career. IFS therapy & EMDR have been absolutely THE answer & path out of the "stuckness" & frustration one feels.


I don't have any hypnosis recs, but I have had very similar problems - debilitating fear of public speaking, like it was ugly - obvious shaking, unsteady voice, etc. I got a new job where I had to teach some classes, and I almost didn't take the job because of that. I got a prescription from my primary care doctor for propranolol 30 mg. It's originally meant to be blood pressure medication, off label use for this kind of thing, but it helped me so so much! I take it 30 minutes before I have to speak or do an interview, and I feel so so much more calm. It's like night and day. I recommend that if you haven't tried it already.