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Could anyone recommend a tutor for HS Chemistry?

Thank you!

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Sara Bourne is amazing. She helped my daughter through Berkeley High School AP Chem this past year and is also tutoring my son in college Chemistry. She has made a world of difference for both of them - they really enjoy working with her and through her, have started to enjoy Chemistry as well. I can't recommend her enough. www.eliteedgetutoring.com

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I heartily second the recommendation for Sara Bourne. She worked with my daughter for AP Chem at Oakland Tech and it was a wonderful experience. Not only was Sara supportive and incredibly communicative, she had all kinds of supporting materials they used in their sessions.


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HI - I recommend Zoe and Josh. They have a tutoring company called Spokes on a Wheel: https://www.spokesonawheel.com/ . They tutor my son for high school language. A friend's daughter works with them for high school math. I haven't done chemistry with them, but it's one of the topics they cover. They are young and enthusiastic and good at teaching. My son has learned a lot and he enjoys his tutoring sessions. They offer a free intro tutoring session, so it's worth checking out. Good luck! Laura