How to upgrade using points international flight

I’ve decided I’m just too old to fly economy on international flights if I can avoid it. However, I’ve never upgraded before. I’m curious how people upgrade a flight using miles. It seems like there are specific fare codes I should look for but I’m not sure how to guarantee that I will be able to upgrade. Specifically, I have miles from a chase sapphire card and I’m looking at flights on Lufthansa. TIA!

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The system for upgrades using frequent flyer points depends completely on the airline, but I dont' believe you can do it directly from non-airline-specific points.  If you were flying United, you could convert your Sapphire Ultimate Rewards points to Mileage Plus miles, but  I don't think you can converty them to Lufthansa's frequent flyer program (and "partner" points typically don't qualify for upgrades in my experience - yours may vary). So you might have to consider another airline if you want to do it that way.  Another option is simply to use those UR points to purchase your Business or First Class ticket directly, rather than upgrading an economy ticket, (or as much as your points will cover) on the UR site.