How to toss out a recalled baby crib?

Hi Parents, I collected a free baby crib and mattress on FB Marketplace recently.  I should have done more research ahead of time because upon bringing it home, I discovered that this particular crib had been recalled.  I don't want to keep it, and don't feel comfortable giving it away to another family. What's the best way to toss the furniture?  Is scheduling a bulky waste pickup from the Dept of Public Works the only option? 

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There are some fun ways to re-purpose an unsafe crib - you could try posting it for free somewhere for someone who'd like to use it for a project. Just make sure you clarify that it's been recalled so it's for re-purposing rather than for sleeping.

If the recall was because it's a drop-side crib, and it's the kind that converts to a single bed, you may still in good conscience be able to give it away for use as a bed as long as you specify that it's not safe as a crib. I gave our drop-side crib away like this years ago - I removed the drop-side hardware so someone wouldn't be tempted to use it as a crib, just for my own peace of mind/liability. Depending on the style there may also be someone who wants to use the pieces as a day bed, headboard, garden trellis, etc. - in my experience, it never hurts to put the info out there and see if someone can use it.  If you just want it gone, bulky waste pickup is probably your best option. Oakland Recycles ( used to do periodic Bulky Waste Drop-off events, but I think they've all been canceled during the pandemic.

Your local trash company should take it.  You are allowed one or two over sized pick-ups per year.  Otherwise Berkeley disposal min fee is $30.