How to regain sense of smell?

My husband is a welder and has worked with toxins and heavy metals for ~15 years and has ZERO sense of smell. He really misses this ability and all the memories associated with smell. 
Does anyone has info, a doc, recommendations on how to work on regaining; if even possible? I am eager to figure out how to help him. 
Thanks :) 

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So my husband lost his sense of smell and taste due to COVID and his ENT doc has him doing the following:  twice a day over the counter allergy spray such as Flonase and then up to 3 times a day, taking in deep sniffs of the following oils - Rose, Clove, Lemon and Eucalyptus.   You could try this and see if is works.  He has been doing this for the past 2 months and is just starting to beginning to smell and taste.  We were told it would take time to regain his sense of smell and taste if at all.  We are doing this for a total period of 6 months.  At that point, he goes back to the doctor and will get final results.   Good luck.

My dad was a welder and lost his sense of smell as well.  It was permanent.  Can't say for sure if it was from the welding or some other cause.  He tried to regain his sense of smell and noting worked.  If your husband worked with heavy metals without a respirator I suspect the nerves are dead.  Let's hope not.  Good luck.

I recently read an article on smell re-training after COVID  in the New York Times.  I found it interesting that they actually recommended small, shallow sniffs at first, NOT deep long ones. But not sure if loss from toxins will respond in the same way. I lost much of my sense of smell soem years ago (probably from a virus, but nothing certain), and I'm finding small sniffs are working better for me in general for detecting what smells I can.