How much for an architect?

I know the answer is broad and depends on many factors, but trying to understand the cost for an architect is so I can start budgeting for a project that in 2025 or 2026 that is essentially a 150 square foot add-on. $5k? 10K? $20k? More? Anyone here have a similar project they can estimate based off what they paid? It seems from older threads that $80/hour on the cheap end and more like $150/hour for a principal architect. But how many hours are we talking about?!? Just curious of others experiences.

I have an add-on porch that was converted into a laundry room and water closet many decades ago, about 120 sq ft. It needs to probably be torn down and rebuilt with a real foundation, but still being a laundry room, and convert to a half bath, and redesign the outside porch around it.

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At least 20 to 25K including structural engineering. For a “small” project, you can’t really use price per square foot method. 


This may seem obvious, but have you thought about reaching out to a couple of an architects? I would assume there are numerous recommendations on this forum. 
You might get a clearer answer and also a chance to vet some potential professionals.