How to hire driving help

I am hopefully in a temporary situation where I have terrible anxiety.  I am used to driving my kids great distances during the week for necessary things and am finding the driving to just be too much at the moment.  And yet I need to be at some of the activities and can manage that, just not the driving part.  My husband helps a lot but there are some times during the week he is working and cannot help.  And I can't think of any friends where driving me around would be at all convenient or possible due to our busy schedules.  Uber wouldn't work as there are stops and places I would need a driver to just wait for us., and taskrabbit aren't lining up with my needs.  There are driving services for elderly but that doesn't fit either.  Any thoughts on how I could hire someone hourly on a gig basis to drive me and my kids around?

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You can try asking your Uber or Lyft driver if they’re interested in a side gig. 


I'm not sure if he would be open to your situation, but a man in our neighborhood does airport rides for folks and my husband and I have hired him a few times. He's really lovely, always on time and easy to communicate with. His name is Eddie and his phone number is 510-679-8888. You could try texting him and seeing if he'd be open to this arrangement.