How to Help My Elderly Aunt from Smokey Neighbors

My poor asthmatic, elderly aunt lives in Kensington and contributes so much to the world. New neighbors from the Midwest recently moved into the house behind her. They are constantly grilling meat, during this stressful time of pandemic and during the hazardous smoke events. She has asked them to stop, as it fills her house with gas and smoke, coming directly into the vents. They continue to do it. Please, if anyone knows a lawyer she can contact to get a cease and desist order (for the spare the air days when it is illegal to be grilling outdoors) that would be greatly appreciated. I am afraid it will sicken her and could eventually cause her to be hospitalized. Also, I am wondering if Berkeley Parents are doing much grilling anymore considering the absolute proof positive of carcinogens created by this form of cooking? Thank you for any information!

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Spare the Air Day burn bans unfortunately do not include outdoor fires for cooking, so it is not illegal for them to be grilling then. Not sure there is a huge amount she can do legally--the least expensive option might be to gift them a gas grill and ask that they please use this instead of the charcoal. This will reduce the smoke considerably, and is also the Air District's recommendation for those who want to grill on Spare the Air Days, so she could frame it that way as well. (Gas grills can also address many of the health concerns around grilling, which are tied not to grilling itself but to burning/charring food--something that can happen with both indoor and outdoor cooking.)

Grilling is fine during spare the air days (unless they're doing it with a wood fire). Perhaps in addition to the suggestion already offered she could get an air purifier (or a couple) if she doesn't already have? Those have been really helpful to us during the past few months and they can really increase air quality indoors (as well as help eliminate odors). 

I am really sorry that your aunt is coping with a situation that distresses her. All fires should be banned on Spare the Air days, but unfortunately they are not. We never grill on those days and we take the fires here very seriously. But we LOVE to grill and do so all the time, whenever we can - still super popular with our family and all friends, cancer or no ;-) Cheers.