How to find a new book club?


My book club of 15+ years has shifted from in-person gatherings to Zoom, because all members except me have moved out of the area. While I love this group and enjoy connecting with them virtually, I miss those in-person chats over wine and food. I looked on Meetup to find other clubs, but the ones I saw seem much bigger and more structured than I’m seeking. Any advice on how to find a club? I’m open to all kinds of books (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, politics) and ideally looking for meetups in Richmond/El Cerrito/Kensington, though Berkeley could work too. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Check with your local library - if they don't have a book club at the branch, they may know of other patrons looking to join/start a group, or let you post a flyer about starting a group. Or try starting a group and posting it on BPN under Parent-to-Parent Connections - that's how I found the group I'm currently in.