How do you get rid of a car seat?

Without companies accepting old car seats for trade, how are you getting rid of old/expired car seats?

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Target has regular recycling events where you bring in your old car seat(s) and get a 10% off coupon for new carseat or stroller. 

Is it in good condition? I know a homecare daycare that is looking for car seats.

You can recycle on Terracycle. It's very expensive though I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a way to recycle a car seat last year but didn't find anything outside of the Target/Walmart buybacks that happen once a year. (and I am not sure it is happening this year, there is no info on their website). I didn't want to keep a giant carseat in our tiny apartment for months so I ended up throwing it away. 

Non-profits cannot accept carseat locations due to liability exposure. My kids are young adults now, but when they were small, I left their out-grown but in good condition, and never in an accident (very important!) car seats outside on the curb of a transitional housing complex near my home. The program manager of the complex had suggested this to me as a way to get a used car seat directly to a family in need.